The world is full of pathways and the choices are numberless. There are some that seem attractive and desirable but eventually lead to darkness and despair. Other pathways can draw us into a comfortable existence but then our progress stops. There are the tempting choices that appeal to our physical desires that can bring personal hardships, destroying families and individuals. All is not lost. He who loves us most is there to light our path through the darkness. He can be our personal guide as we seek to find peace in this troubled world. Fear not, for His pathways are straight and His light an eternal beacon of hope. He offers a peace that will surpass all understanding. No matter how desperate, lost, alone or afraid you may feel, Our Savior Jesus Christ is there to help. All you need to do is ask.

Friday, March 25, 2016

An Easter Gift...

Our Savior Jesus Christ not only preached the word, he lived the word and he is the word. His life was one of humble service and obedience to the will of the Father. His love for all mankind is evident in his every word, action and deed. His sacrifices were many and his suffering unfathomable.  He gave his life that we might be freed from sin and over come the bonds of mortality when we come unto Him. His life was so much more than most of the  world knows... After the resurrection and his appearance to those in Jerusalem he ascended into heaven.... but he had "other sheep" to visit. This marvelous event is found within the pages of the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Which contains the history and doings of Ancient American inhabitants.  Their faith, their, struggles and the destruction of many who chose evil over good. Yet woven there in are the testimonies of many prophets, great faith build experiences and the visitation of the resurrected Jesus Christ. He showed them his wounds, taught them, blessed them and healed all those in need. His love and compassion is conveyed by words, actions and deeds.

If we come unto Jesus with full purpose of heart he will show us the way home... Let him lift you, for earth has no sorrows that heaven can't heal....

Here is my Video Easter gift, enjoy.

Come As You Are

Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Beatitude… Attitude

Those of Christian faith are familiar with a special group of Jesus Christ’s teachings called “The Beatitudes” They can
help us strengthen our personal faith and also improve our relationships with others. I have included them in my writing below.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, who come unto me, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
Do you feel like something spiritual is missing in your life? Are you desirous to drawer closer to the Lord? These are questions you may have as you are drawn to be poor in spirit. Do you have an open heart? Do you feel a yearning for more knowledge, more awareness of who you are, where you came from why you are even here?  These are they who are poor in spirit.

“Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.”Mourn here is not referring to the loss of a loved one. It is more personal in nature. Are there miss deeds in your life that hang heave in your heart and burden your soul? Do you wish to change your life from one of sinful behavior to that of good deeds and love for others? To mourn in this case is to feel remorse so deep that you desire more than anything to change the direction of your life. These are they that mourn.
“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”
To be meek is not being a wimp or being afraid to speak up.  Do you keep control of your temper when it wants to rage? Do you stifle angry works to keep peace in the family? Have you learned to listen and respond with kindness? These are they that are Meek.
Blessed are they who so hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled with the Holy Ghost.
Do you desire to purify your life through worshiping the Lord? Wishing to do away with sinful practices in our lives by repenting of those behaviors, seeking the Lord in prayer and sincerely asking forgiveness for our miss deeds is the beginning of the journey. As we do so, the desire to become better increases and we long, or hunger to become better deep within our hearts. The wonderful part of this is we will never walk alone for the Lord will send the Holy Ghost to assist those to have the desire to change. 

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
We live in a world that lacks the kindness, caring and deep love many early settlers of the first US colonists once had. The came here with great love in their hearts and shared in with others in word and deed. With so much hatred and malice in the world being merciful and forgiving can not only bless the lives of others but ours as well. The positive and uplifting effects help us to become more like our Savior day by day. 

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
Honestly, justly and openly dealing with others will bring great blessings to your life and to those you share it with. There is much peace in the life of an honest person for his heart is pure in deed as well as in thought. 

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.
The need to bring stability and balance into our fallen world grows more evident with each passing day. The wars are many and are often played out within the walls of our own home. We can make a difference in our world, our neighborhoods, our homes and within our families.  If we are prayerful the guidance of the Lord can direct our words, actions, and deeds to increase harmony from within and without.” Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Muddy Paths

When hiking on a warm spring day there was much to be thankful for. Enjoying the clean air, the clear blue sky and the sun’s kiss on our skin was a fine start. The splendor of nature brought peace to our thoughts as we enjoyed the world around us. The sound of an eagles cry rang across the sky and we paused watching the wind rush through the trees.  Robins and sparrows darted here and there in search of nesting material. Cresting a ridge the view was amazing. In the valley bellow a large bull elk bugled, the sound echoing across the hills. We gradually descended to the stream and took a short break. A doe and fawn drank from the other side but didn’t linger. It seemed the perfect time for lunch and we enjoyed the respite. All in all it was a wonderful day. When afternoon clouds moved in we were unconcerned, as thundershowers were normal.

Later in the day, after surprisingly strong winds and heavy rainfall we head back toward the trailhead. Our clothing wet and boots soggy the muddy terrain made the going ruff. The soil contained a lot of clay and it stuck with increasing amounts with every step. The extra effort to make minimal progress and stay upright was exhausting. The five mile journey back to our truck was torture. We were bushed and the sun dropping behind the trees when we arrived. Setting on the tailgate and removing our boots was more challenging than expected. The laces were caked with mud and leaves. Rocks had wedged themselves tightly in the soles. Removal of our boots required a joint effort. We hurried on our way as it was a two hour drive back home and we were starving! All that extra effort had zapped our strength.  Very cold, tired, dirty and worn out, we stopped at the first fast food drive through we could find, grateful for the renewed energy.
Although the story above is fiction, days like these do happen.  The circumstances may vary but we all walk on slippery paths at one time or another. Appearance would lead us to believe we are but one being.  However we experience life on two levels, physical and spiritual. It is possible, as we wade through this corrupt world, the thunderstorms of sin will poor down upon us. Our spiritual sandals can become unstable as we slip in the clay of sin. If allowed, it can built up and become hardened. Hindering our spiritual progression to a level that we forget the truths we once knew and turn away from the Lord. There are many that will help when the sun shines, but when the storms of life come,  and our heavy feet unable to take another step, we are often deserted by those in the world as they pass by. Their cruel laughter, like sharp darts, as we flounder in the mud hole of sin. We rationalize that giving up is easier than moving forward.  However, all is not lost! The world may turn away, but the Lord is willing to free us from our bonds, our burdens, our sins even our hardened clay. He will not just offer a hand, but will stand by your side supporting and lifting until you can stand on firm ground once again. His enduring love your greatest strength. When you are refreshed, restrengthened and prepared He will give you a new pair of sandals… What paths will you choose to walk?.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Path to Peace

No matter where we go, we cannot hide from the influences of the world. We cannot remain locked inside our homes and hope that things will get better. Those who follow and understand the teachings of Jesus Christ know that troubled times will increase as the second coming of our Savior draws near. Much of the world is in chaos but it is possible to find peace in the midst of turmoil.

The faithful seekers of guidance can be comforted through the power of the Holy Ghost as we seek with a sincere and honest heart. We can be rewarded with a peace that may not calm the storm raging around us but will bless and give reassurance that all will be well in time. Peace that will calm our fears, give us courage, and lift our hearts.
Even when the odds are against us, when we are outnumbered, when it seems gaining ground isn’t possible then we must exercise faith, pray and trust in the Lord. He is a man of many miracles and they still happen in today’s world. When we walk uprightly before the Lord he can and dose bless us. He can replace fear with assurance, doubt with hope and despair with joy. Look to God and live with courage… He will never fail thee nor forsake thee.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Courage to Become..

Every human on earth is a unique child of God, each having a special balance of talents and abilities that are perfect for them. Blessings that we carried from our heavenly home, gifts from a loving Heavenly Father.
If we seek to develop these gifts the rewards can be many. But some may feel there is nothing special about me, but consider this. Talents come in many sizes shapes and forms. With some you can win gold medals, bring a crowd to their feet, make scientific discoveries or wow the world. These are outward talents that bring earned respect and notoriety. But the intangible, inward talents have great value as well. People who can soothe a broken spirit or calm a troubled heart with gentle words. Someone who can mediate between opposing sides and come to a resolution of peace. Others who see beyond the brave disguise of courage into the hearts of the fearful. Gifts of a compassion, cheerfulness, perseverance are also inward talents. You may scoff and say “Cheerfulness, awe come on how is that a talent?” But when your best friend is down in the dumps and hurting inside cheerfulness can help them see a brighter day. It can make a big difference to their lives.
Our individual stories are written daily, page by page. Talents were not given to be hidden away, but to share. Making a difference in the world around you can be gratifying and the rewards lasting.  For deep inside each us lies the desire to become better. To mold our life into something worthwhile and memorable. For many, their legacy will even outlive their tombstone.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Celestial North

No matter who you are or where you came from each of us was born with the Light of Christ. A gift to help guide and direct our lives. Most people call it a conscience. Some people choose to listen to the quiet whispers. Others are reluctant to act on the thoughts received and some shut it out completely.

The Light of Christ is like a compass.  If we heed its directives and promptings we will find ourselves on the path to Celestial North.  We will be presented with opportunities to do good and inspired to be good. When we take advantage of those possibilities our light within will grow stronger and brighter over time. The results can be uplifting and a positive experience for both sides. A simple example:
Walking toward the Walmart doors I noticed a lady with a large, bulky box in her cart.  It looked like a small refrigerator. I walked over and asked if she wanted some help. She said yes and that she had wondered how she was going to load it in her vehicle. She opened the back and I mentioned she would likely need to lay her seats down. While she was moving things from the back and tossing them in the middle seat area, I chuckled and told her in reminded me of my daughters’ car. It took a couple of tries but with one of us on each side we lifted the box and slid it into place with ease.  Her expressions of thanks and appreciation were sincere and heartfelt.
When I returned home I pondered that experience for a couple of reasons. First it was for the surprise I saw on her face when I offered to help and then the sincerity for which she thanked me.  The kind of thanks that might propel her to do the same for another should the opportunity arise. Second was my thought process. I saw the need and went directly to respond, there was no questioning, debating from within or making excuses why I couldn’t help. It was a “go and do” opportunity.              

When we do good it helps us to be good.  When the Light of Christ shines brighter in our hearts it reflects into other parts of lives. Our day will seem a little brighter, our steps a little lighter and our desire to do good will grow. When our hearts are prepared, our eyes will see the need, our ears will hear the unspoken plea and our spirit will answer the call.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A New Path a New Day

January often brings reflection. We ponder our experiences, rejoicing in the happy moments and reliving over and over the tearful ones.  Sometimes we question our rational. “Why on earth did I do that?”  “What in the world was I thinking?”  “How could I let that happen?” Why is it we keep reliving these less than stellar moments?  Over and over scenes pass through our mind...
There are likely more theories on this than letters on this page.  I believe it is the pathways we follow, that create the options to choose who we become. When we look back and relive those moments it is with a different mindset.  We are like a bystander watching a movie.  We have different thoughts and emotions as we reconsider our actions.  We have the power to ask; “What might I have done differently? What have I learned? How would I face the same situation?”
We can’t change the past or wash away our heartache and the tears.  However, we can rise above yesteryear, set our sights on new horizons and move forward. Every morning brings a new day... A new path may be on the horizon. Consider your options carefully, for they determine who you become.